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Dear dancer!

Welcome to my website. My name is Katrin Ackfeld. 
I am a dancer and an Interior Designer. 

My dance path started in 2008 stepping into a Nia class in Germany and I was so excited to have finally found a dance technique I really felt comfortable with. It was so different to the things I did before. Soft and wild and fun and taking care of my body needs, respecting my limits, my body´s way. A year later I became a White Belt teacher and started to give classes in Palma de Mallorca. The Green Belt I did in 2011 and the Blue Belt in 2013. Meanwhile I went two times to India to participate in a Nia Chakra Retreat in Auroville and kept on teaching and learning.

In March 2013 I put my first step into a Soul Motion class with Edgar Spieker in Hamburg, after a long day of Nia Blue Belt Training, outside 15 degrees minus with snow and ice and suddenly something really important happened to me….Dancing the landscapes my body and something deep inside responded in such an intense way and I felt as much energy as I never felt before…being completely free! Feeling so alive! Feeling so strong!

From this day on my awareness deepened extremely in a very short time, I felt safe within myself and I knew I can trust…in whatever...I don´t know …something higher, something deeper, something beyond…in something internally true…My Nia practice changed immediately…my handling with clients got more confident…my daily life became a lot easier…and being more an observer I could take the drama out of it…"it felt like being reunited to a long lost love"...not my words, but my feelings...

In Soul Motion I feel a deep resonance with my body and my soul. It leads me to questions and it gives me the answers, it opens my awareness, my body moves freely and I can express my authentic self. Guided by the Soul Motion tools my soul can discover and feels free and safe. I can permit myself to go over limits and I am more me.

So finally I applied in 2014 for the Soul Motion Leadership Training.
A year later, in March 2015, I have been graduated as a Certified Soul Motion™ Teacher. I´m full of gratitude for the deep experience with the practice and the support of the Soul Motion faculty and community. It started with a small step and gave my life a different direction.

I´m very much looking forward to share this wonderful practice with you. 

Love and blessings to you,




Katrin Ackfeld

Certified Soul Motion™ Teacher 

Certified Nia Teacher (White, Green & Blue Belt)

Tel. 0034.616.571481