What is Nia? 

Nia is the short form for “neuromuscular integrative action” which means integrated movements which strengthen muscles, nerves and senses.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I call it "Now i am". 

Nia offers nine movement forms which allow a wide range of movements, expression possibi-lities and at first fun! 

In Jazz Dance we move gently, playing with the rhythm of music, with feelings and humour. We are dramatic with Modern dance, form shapes in the space, expressing ourselves, meanwhile the playful and spontaneous way of Duncan Dance let us move as children.

The soft and slow movements of Tai Chi give balance and gracefulness, Aikido leads us into more harmony and unity through its spiral movements and the practice of Tae Kwon we can feel the exciting dynamic and sense our power. 

Yoga improve our relaxation and flexibility through the correct alignment of our bones and muscles. The body therapy by Moshe Felden-krais shows us how body and mind change by an improved awareness of our movements. And Alexander Technique teaches that a correct position of the head makes our movements softer and let us breath in a better way.



Movement as a life philosophy. 

Nia does not change only our body but as well supports our personal growth and leads to an enlarged mental and spiritual balance. Through an improved perception of ourselves, more awareness and more possibilities to express ourselves Nia leads to a better self-confidence and helps us to react in a more relaxed way in stressful situations.
So Nia is as well a life philosophy and a lively way to more fulfilment and vitality


What happens in a Nia class? 

A Nia class starts always with a certain focus to a special aspect of your dance which can be a part of your body or a sensation. After a soft warm up follows a dynamic part. The class finishes with a regenerating cool down that in parts we do on the floor (floorplay). Parts of Nia are guided choreographies, other parts are freedance. We dance Nia barefoot to strengthen the feet and ankles and to improve the body awareness. 


Who can dance Nia? 

"Joy of Movement" is the most important intention of a Nia class. You dance in "Your Body´s way" which means that you choose your level and your intensity.                            

                    Every body is welcome!